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Centrifugal Screen

Centrifugal Screen

Centrifugal screen range

Centrifugal screen is available from Dia 1000, 900, 750, 600, 450, 300, & 200 mm. range of screen length from 4200 to 600 mm and area from 0.8m2 to 12.5m2.
Production is totally depend on material and size of screen.

Use of Centrifugal Screen:

Varahi centrifugal screen is for screening Starch, Food product (colors), Spices, flours, Gum powder, Chemicals, Minerals, Agrochemicals, etc.

About Centrifugal Screen

Centrifugal screen is continuous type rotary shifter to separate (classify) dry powder. Box type horizontal shifter is giving much higher out put from given screen area as compare to conventional oscillating (horizontal) shifter. Both end Polygonal box structure hollow shaft mounted on bushes. polygonal drum is made after fixing segmental screen. Horizontal blades with helical angle are fixed on paddle discs. Discs are mounted on shaft at regular interval and rotate inside. Blades traverse along whole length to give relative motion between screen and process material. Screw feeder feed material from inlet hopper into screen drum at feeding end. Processed material move from one end to other end with the help of helix blades. Material sieved from screen by centrifugal force imparted on particles due to rotating blades. Bottom Screw conveyor is attached below chute to collect fine material. Many outlet spout are provided along whole length to collect distributes fine material by bottom conveyor. Particals which are not pass through screen are conveyed to other end and come out from opening. Types of screen and opening of screen decide production rate.

Benefits of Centrifugal Screen:

Unique design of screening is best for nonstop heavy production. It is very useful for heat sensitive and starch, flour, etc because particles are floats in air and help to reduce temperature. Blinding action on particles is reduces by centrifugal force.

After sales service support

VARAHI INDUSTRIES can provide full range of field service and engineering support. Staff of company is available to assist customer with instructions, installation, start-up, and maintenance.